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MB Little League
Fall Baseball 2017

MB Little League Training Academy

The Fall season will introduce the MB Little League Academy program powered by Perfect Play Athletics (PPA). A Baseball Foundation group, co-founded by Andre Van Gerwen; Mira Costa High School Junior Varsity Head Coach. The goal is to focus on training and development for players to improve their individual and team skills.  

The player pitching divisions will have pro coaches managing their teams. If you would like to volunteer to coach, you may be an assistance coach in the Majors, International and Coast divisions. Volunteers can still manage a team in Tee-Ball & Cal divisions in Fall Ball.

Fall Baseball Progression Program

Baseball Progression Divisions by PPA (BPDs), are designed for staying in shape, and sharp. Whether you are an elite player, or just starting out, this is the perfect program for you. Baseball Progression Divisions by PPA are the ideal program for your young athlete(s) to thrive! We have developed an affordable and unique baseball program that truly keeps families and players involved in this great sport by focusing on fundamentals, good sportsmanship and the joy of playing. 

Structured and controlled team environment with professional coaches from PPA. Perfect program for players who play multiple sports. Opportunity to play other positions and to grow in other facets of the game. Individual progression n Baseball in a team environment. Pitch regulations within both simulated and traditional games. Baseball Skills Repetition Drills - Batting Cage Practice, Pitching Workouts, Infield & Outfield drills. and Conditioning/Agility Training.

Ages: 4-14

Season Dates: September 9 – November 4th 2017

Sessions: Eight-week Season, (1 Practice & 1 Game per week)

Fall Schedule (tentative - pending field availability) (Some weekday practices may start at 4pm, pending field availability)

Tee-Ball – Fridays & Saturdays

California – Mondays & Saturdays

Coast – Thursdays & Saturdays

International – Wednesdays & Saturdays

Majors – Tuesdays & Saturdays, (Possibly Some Sundays)

Intermediate – TBD - Possibly Fridays & Sundays, or Wed & Saturdays

Juniors – Tuesdays & Saturdays

Seniors - Tuesdays & Saturdays

Some Inter-League Games with Redondo Beach and El Segundo and possibly other neighboring Little Leagues may be scheduled (TBD)



Tee-Ball (Ages 4-5), & California (Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch) Ages 6-7 - $100

Coast, Ages 8-9, International, Ages 10-11, Majors, Ages 11-12: (Player Pitch) - $150

Intermediate, Ages 11-13 (50/70 Playing Field) - $250

Juniors, Ages 13-14, Seniors, Ages 13-16 (60/90 Playing Field) - $250


Playing Divisions

Players participate in Fall Ball using the 2018 Little League Age Chart.

Baseball Age & Residency Requirements

Boys & Girls ages 4-16. Player must either live or go to school in Manhattan Beach, or Hermosa Beach (Fall Only)

If your player is new to MB Little League please provide proof of age and residency or provide proof if he/she lives outside of the residency requirements but goes to school in MB, or HB.

Registration Closing Date:

Open through August 31. Absolutely no refunds after September 8th.

After August 31st you can still register, but you may be on a waitlist and only placed on a team if space allows.

Team Formation:

All teams will be formed by the Fall Ball Board Committee with the primary goal to create balanced competitive teams in each division. The focus is on improving players individual and team skills and having fun. 

Please join us for a fun season of Fall Ball. 

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Hello BEACH SOFTBALL families!
Hopefully everyone is enjoying summer with friends and family.  Registration for Fall Softball is now OPEN!
As in previous years, BEACH SOFTBALL plans to field fall ball teams in the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions.  The Fall Ball program is a great opportunity for girls to keep their skills sharp and have fun playing softball in a relaxed but focused environment. Teams will travel around the South Bay for weekend games, giving players the opportunity to compete against our neighboring leagues.  Practices are 1-2 times per week, and we do our best to work around soccer and other conflicts.
For more information and to register for Fall Ball, please click the link below:
Thank you!

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By HBLL Coach, Scott Dinsdale

By now you have probably heard of the tragic loss of one of our own. Logan Goodwin was involved in a tragic skiing accident while spending Spring Break with his family. I have had the privilege of knowing the Goodwin’s for some time and I am proud to call them my friends. Because of this I wanted to share some of my feelings toward Logan and his family. Be sure to reach out to them, they will need us.

Hermosa is a special place. Strong and supportive, yet small enough that something like this has a far reaching effect. This is especially true for the baseball community. My brother once came to a game and was surprised that we all sat together, both teams sharing the bleachers. I told him it was because we all knew each other and being a small league we all had played with each other in the past. I’m sharing this in the hope that it will help us heal and generate a dialog among all of us who are hurting. Especially the kids. I am hurting and even I am not sure how to deal with all of this. I’m sure our kids are just as confused and feeling the same. I know my kids are hurting, the team is hurting, all the kids who knew him are hurting. I’m proud of Hermosa and I know we will step up in this time of need.

I first met Logan when we moved in next door to the Goodwin’s. It was a duplex in Redondo with us in the front house and the Goodwin’s in the back house. The main reason for picking that place was because of Logan. My son Grant and Logan were both 3 years old at the time and they were both looking for a playmate. What they both ended up with was a best friend. When we moved in Todd and Joanne were very expectant with Logan’s twin sisters. We were happy to help by taking Logan whenever he needed to get out and he was quickly adopted as one of our own. Our houses were connected by a garage and most days started with both garage doors opening, and didn’t end until dinnertime when the doors were finally closed. Kids flowed back and forth all day with the boys playing at both houses and my girls going over to check in on the twins. Adults also flowed back and forth and we established a friendship which I still cherish today. And the adults also used the garage entrance, I can’t remember ever using the front door while we lived there.

Logan and Grant both love to play baseball. It’s also where I know a lot of you from. I like to coach during the Summer and Fall and I always liked to have Logan on the team as he was fast and a great second baseman. I also liked hanging out with Todd and putting him to work coaching. During the Spring I like to sit in the stands and have a burger and enjoy the camaraderie. This year Todd got even with me and volunteered me into helping out since the kids were both on El Gringo. It didn’t take much as I love it. And as my wife says, “you might as well, you will just yell at them from the stands”.  Probably right. You would always find the Goodwin’s in the stands and they are great supporters. Not just Todd and Joanne and the girls, but Joanne’s mom and sister were also regulars. Even Summer the dog would show up to watch Logan pitch. Logan may have been small in stature but he was great because he was fearless and loved to play. That sums it all up for me when I think of Logan. Never hesitant, never afraid, always ready for a challenge.

And he was just a great kid. I watched him grow along with my kids and always enjoyed spending time with him.  I knew him a long time and loved to tease him. I could always get him worked up by telling him that his idol Tom Brady couldn't throw. I would tell him his pitching was weak and he would respond with “you taught me”. He loved the Red Sox and I loved the Yankees. I teased him when he got the #2 jersey this year, I told him that it was for Yankee Captain Derek Jeter. I wasn’t sure he would wear it after that.

Now we will all wear #2 on our sleeves and there will be no doubt who it is for.


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